The organisation and operation of Hatfield Swimming Club is the responsibility of its committee.

The committee is charged with organising the efficient running of the club. All committee members are elected to their posts, but offer their time freely as volunteers. Craig Hunter (President) and Ann Quinn (Interim Chairperson) head-up our current committee.

The duties of the committee are wide ranging and encompass all aspects of the clubs administration such as finance, membership, welfare and child protection, pool hire, liaison with external organisations, organisation of club galas, arranging club/swimmer entry into competitions, sponsorship, and of course supporting the club’s coaching team.

The committee meets regularly to discuss any issues related to the running of the club. They discuss both long-term issues in a planning capacity as well as smaller more immediate issues that arise during the course of the swimming year.

Our current committee members, as of Committee meeting  Jan 2023:

President: Craig Hunter

Interim Chairperson: Ann Quinn

Interim Vice Chairperson: Duncan Hartley

Interim Secretary: Sian Keogh

Interim Finance Manager: Janice Bridgeland

Other Committee Members: