Club Notices


Hatfield’s AGM took place on 18th March 2015.

We were very fortunate that our President Craig Hunter attended the meeting and he gave an excellent speech about the club and his general experiences in swimming.

Barbara Scorer, our chairperson,  gave a lovely speech which included thanking our volunteers including the excellent and committed coaches, officials and helpers, the club couldn’t run without you!

A special thank you was given by Barbara to Fran Reid, who has been our Treasurer for a number of years and has got the club into a much better position with regards to our finances – thank you Fran for your service to the Club – we will miss you!

Barbara also announced that 2016 is the 50th Anniversary of Hatfield Swimming Club and it is hoped we can have a number of events to celebrate this Milestone – Watch this space!!!!!

Ian Wright, our Director of Swimming gave a great Summary of Hatfield’s achievements. A copy of Ian’s AGM report can be found below

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URGENT – Changes to Monthly Squad Fees from 1st February 2015


Dear Member

It has been a very successful year for Hatfield SC, not only with some fantastic results in the pool, but there have also been several improvements in our governance and administration. 
You may recall that we made some major changes to the financial structure of the club in February 2014 and I am delighted to report that these have been very successful in terms of first stabilising, then improving the Club’s financial situation.
Although the exact picture is still being calculated (for presentation at our AGM in March), it appears likely that we have been able to increase the Club’s financial reserves slightly (these were much too low, and still need further enhancement), as well as afford a number of additional coaching, equipment and facility costs throughout the year.
I would like to thank all those of you who cooperated so willingly and helpfully with our changed financial structure last February and since then in terms of changing your fees at the right time and helping the Club move forward positively.  
As you might already be aware, we are making further enhancements to the programme in 2015, some of which have already commenced, e.g. long course training at Luton for the top squad, additional lane space at both pools, additional land training for most groups, and a new D3 session at Marlborough School.
In order to bring you these beneficial changes but also meet our budget requirements, it is now necessary to make some adjustments to the current monthly squad training fees.  Below (and attached) you will see the new monthly fees for the main training squads going forwards from 1st February 2015.  These were agreed by all present at the Club Committee meeting on 7th January 2015.
We have kept the increases this year to the minimum possible and ask for your understanding that as well as the additions and changes we’ve made to the training programme, we are also faced with increased fees of 2-3% across the board at all the facilities we use as each venue make their own annual cost rises which are obviously passed on to us and other users accordingly.  
On first glance the monthly costs can seem quite high but when looked at in the context of an hourly rate for the use of good facilities to deliver professionally coached training sessions, the cost is actually very reasonable (between (£1 to £3 per hour), especially for a Club which consistently ranks as the top in the East Region and one of the leading clubs at all competitions in the UK.
Please can I ask that you now action this email as soon as possible by amending your electronic bank transfers prior to the end of January in order that the new fees can commence from 1st February 2015.
Please note that we now have a new finance team in place, Mary Carroll is the new Club Treasurer, and will be helped by Tim Moore and Andy Butler in the various tasks required in a club of our size.  
It is not easy for volunteer helpers to keep on top of all our finances so your understanding and cooperation with these changes is much appreciated.  If all members can make the necessary adjustments with their bank before the end of January it will make our life and work a lot easier!
Kind regards
Ian Wright
Director of Swimming

Hatfield SC Monthly Squad Fees

Effective from 1st February 2015:


1st Child
(in highest squad)

2nd Child

3rd child

£    p

£  p

£  p

Performance 1a




Performance 1b




Performance 2




Performance 3




Racing 1




Racing 2




Development 1




Development 2




Development 3




Fees are due on the 1st of each month for the month ahead.

Please pay monthly by electronic bank transfer to the following account:
Sort Code – 30-97-24            Account Number – 01153738

For Masters and Water Polo Fees please speak directly with:

Tom Dee (Masters Convenor) or Peter Mole (Water Polo Convenor)

Ian Wright

Director of Swimming & Head Coach
Hatfield Swimming Club