The club is very proud of its distinctive kit. All member of Hatfield Swimming Club are expected to wear the kit for competitions. Wearing the kit adds to the professional image of the club, and helps to develop a good team spirit. In addition, wearing the kit identifies you as a member of one of the best swimming clubs in the country.

The standard items of kit are:

  • Club swimming cap: This is magenta coloured with white printed graphics, and should always be worn during competition (during club training sessions swimmers may wear any cap).
  • Club polo shirt: This is magenta coloured with a white embroidered badge, and should always be worn on poolside and around the pool at competitions.
  • Club hoodie and Baseball jackets: Available either in magenta or dark navy, with a embroidered badge. These are for wearing outside of the pool at competitions, but are an optional piece of club clothing.

    These items are available from our club shop – details of the club shop are shown on the ‘Facilities’ tab above.

  • Swimming costumes: At present we do not have club branded swimming costumes or trunks, so swimmers are free to wear whatever costumes or trunks they wish. Most swimmers will want to purchase separate costumes/trunks for racing and training. Racing costumes/trunks are expensive and do not want to be used for training as they will wear out too quickly. Cheaper costumes/trunks will be fine for training in. Please remember that racing costumes and trunks should always be bought to fit tighter (often one or two sizes smaller!) as this helps to reduce drag during a race.

Please ensure that you put your name discretely on all of the above items to prevent their loss.