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For junior swimmers (7-9 year olds) our Trials take place every first Friday of a month at Hatfield Swim Centre (18.00-19.00). The Trial allows us to determine the swimmers’ current skill level, and also to allow the swimmer to decide if they’re happy within the club. We want both the child & parent to decide jointly that it is something you want to continue with and we normally give families one week before confirming their decision. For 7-9 year olds trial session, please book through our online form:

Dove Trials

For swimmers moving from other clubs:

At Hatfield we are committed to long-term athlete development and our club is structured to provide multiple training groups that cater for swimmers from novice to senior international standard. Our unique pathway enables swimmers to progress from grass roots to the very top of the sport meaning Hatfield is one of only a small handful of clubs in the UK who can offer such a service.

Swimmers who are aged 10 and over should normally have already been involved in competitive swimming training with another club for a few years before joining Hatfield. In such cases we will ascertain some background information on the swimmer regarding their currently level of training and competition and then offer a trial in a group we feel is most suitable to meet their needs.

If you are already a competitive swimmer, please let the coaching staff at your present club know that you are intending to speak to us. This simple courtesy will help to avoid any unnecessary embarrassment that may be caused if you do not make them aware of what your intentions are.

For all enquiries please use form below