Announcement of the new Director of Swimming at HSC

  • July 28, 2015

A message from HSC Chair Barbara Scorer
I am very pleased to announce that the next Director of Swimming /Head Coach of Hatfield SC will be Janko Gojkovic.


Janko Gojkovic  is a retired Bosnian swimmer, who specialized in sprint freestyle and butterfly events. He is a three-time Olympian (1992, 1996, and 2000), and a member of the Bosnian swimming team  since the break up of Yugoslavia in 1991. He held numerous Bosnian records in the 100 m butterfly, and achieved top finishes at the European Championships. After his sporting career ended in 2000, Gojkovic worked in various swim clubs across Great Britain and some parts of Eastern Europe.
His coaching career started in the late 90’s when he was taken on by the City of Sheffield swimming club, and then gained enough experience to take over Maxwell SC where he coached two swimmers onto the Junior National Team.
Through his endeavours Maxwell eventually  became one of the best club in the country .
He was a coach of the GB Junior Team being selected to represent the team at the training camps and World Cups.
He eventually returned home where he continued his coaching career by setting up a swimming and waterpolo club.
Janko will need all our help  to make him feel part of Hatfield, and I assured him our parents were great and would give him all the support he needs.
Janko will be starting after the summer break.
Barbara (Scorer)
Chairperson Hatfield SC