County Championships 2018 Information

  • November 23, 2017
Dear swimmers and parents,
We are now rapidly approaching the end of the year which means that County Championships are just around the corner. The deadline for submission of entries to Herts ASA is midnight on Friday, 15th December, but in order to be able to process the entries in good time, we are cutting off entries on Friday, 8th December at 11pm. This means that the last meeting for which we will be able to process times will be the Hatfield Christmas meet taking place on 2nd/3rd December. Any times recorded after this date will not be included in the entries for Hatfield.
The full set of documentation including the terms and conditions and the schedule of events is included on the following web page at the Herts ASA site:
Applications for entries and payment can made on the Hatfield website at:
As per last year, there are two levels of entry; firstly, swimmers achieving the qualification time will be entitled to swim regardless of the number of entrants who achieve the time. In addition the County has a consideration time, which is a minimum time for a swimmer to be considered for entry, subject to a maximum number of swimmers in that particular event in the relevant age group. NB the number of swimmers varies by distance and age, please read the entry terms and conditions for more details. Times must have been achieved after the beginning of June, as per the terms and conditions.
If a swimmer is entered having achieved a consideration time but their entry is rejected as they are ranked outside the maximum number for that event, the entry fee will be refunded in full for that event.
Entries will be processed and confirmed by Herts ASA by early January and as soon as we receive confirmation of the accepted and rejected entries, we will distribute them throughout the club.
If you have any questions regarding the process for entering swimmers, payment or any other matters, please contact your respective coach, Timea or Clare on the information desk, or Graeme at the email address.